Charging at windmills

Phil Campbell   Tinkering with the established order in politics can lead to isolation and much publicity about nothing. Today, May 13, a lucky day for one, Rotorua council aspirant and recent journalist Matthew Martin has...... Read More

Rotorua at war with itself

Phil Campbell   Within a week Rotorua was at peace with the world; by the end it was at war with itself.  A week of commemorations leading to and including Anzac Day reinforces an unbreakable bond in Rotorua unity. On...... Read More

Softer landings for Rotorua Airport

Phil Campbell   The Rotorua community should, like the Allies relieving France of German occupation, welcome this week’s news of expansion of its airport. Not that it is new news. Improvements had been signalled some...... Read More

Urban sprawl the reason

Phil Campbell   Why has a city with a sudden spurt growth to 72,500 population losing its CBD population? A Rotorua newspaper report suggests the CBD resembles a ghost town. At opening hours, it implies shop owners are simply...... Read More

Tamati’s 10cents

Tamati Coffey Labour MP Under this government, the economy is strong. We’re investing in regions like the Bay of Plenty. We’ve extended Paid Parental Leave and delivered cheaper doctor’s visits for 600,000 people. We’ve...... Read More

Sombre week eased by better news

Phil Campbell   Few communities have within a week borne sadness with dignity. Rotorua has seen better weeks. This wasn’t one of them. In Rotorua over the last seven days, three workers on a roadside near Matata were...... Read More

Pity the unprepared – and the prepared

Phil Campbell   For several days out from the recent weekend, local councils in the Bay of Plenty and beyond were preparing for the first of the summer’s cyclones. Or maybe the only cyclone. In Rotorua, fearing a repeat...... Read More

Tax review – don't hold your breath

Stuart Pedesen Investor and former economist The ideal world Most folk agree that in principle returns on all kinds of investments should be taxed the same as earnings from all kinds of employment or running...... Read More

International cricket in the BOP

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian The curtain has come down on a wonderful three months of top class cricket at the Bay Oval. India thrilled the sold out ground in two games with the Black Caps....... Read More

Hemo Gorge monument

Phil Campbell   Last week the Rotorua Lakes Council decided to discuss an important issue in committee, or in camera, or in secrecy. This pressing matter involved the installation of a sculpture at Hemo Gorge roundabout, on...... Read More

Illegal rubbish dumping in Rotorua

Charles Sturt Rotorua Lakes Councillor There have been many instances of illegal rubbish dumping in Rotorua recently. Some examples include: the dumping of fish heads in Parawai Road, truck loads of rubbish beside the kindy in...... Read More