Kiwi start-up strives to donate $1m to ambos

YelloHalo CEO Graeme Blake and his daughter Pixie. Photo: Supplied.

A new Kiwi broadband provider will donate 100 per cent of its profits to frontline ambulance workers across the country, including those in the Bay of Plenty community.

YelloHalo has set an “audacious” goal to return $1 million to more than 1200 frontline ambos in its first year.

This goal is inspired by a very personal experience, with CEO of YelloHalo Graeme Blake saying he will never forget the terror he felt when his six-day-old daughter stopped breathing.

He says his daughter would not be here today without the immediate help and quick thinking of his local ambos, and that’s why he wants to give them as much support as possible.

“I will never forget the absolute terror my wife and I felt when, at just six days old, our daughter Pixie stopped breathing.

“Fortunately, in a matter of minutes, our local ambos turned up. These amazing people were calm, and they knew exactly what to do when we did not. As they helped my daughter to breathe again, I remember thinking that they were absolute heroes,” says Graeme.

He says donating $1 million to frontline workers within 12-months is not just a business goal, but a personal one too.

“The demands of frontline work are incredible. Our ambos deserve the opportunity to focus on the job rather than worry about their career, their family or their own wellbeing.”

Dorothy Johnston is one of more than 1200 frontline ambos who will benefit.

“In my 30 years in the service, I have never heard of a business offering such generous support let alone existing for the sole purpose of making a difference for us from day one. To have YelloHalo backing us all the way is, quite frankly, overwhelming.”

Dorothy says that her role in the community is a privilege but admits that the job can be challenging.

“Many of us work long shifts. In a typical day, you could start at 6am and not get a lunch break until 3pm.”

“The recognition from YelloHalo and from every single New Zealander who signs up will mean a lot to me personally.”

Graeme Blake says YelloHalo offers two things: a great broadband service and a new way for Kiwis to support the frontline ambos.

“We’ve found a better way to offer broadband. From just $89, you can get unlimited broadband and the profits that would otherwise go offshore or to shareholders, go back into our communities.”

The motivation behind YelloHalo was Graeme’s personal experience. He says that his daughter would not be here today without the immediate help and quick thinking of his local ambos.

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