Nervous students to get NCEA results

About 1.1 million personalised exam booklets and digital exams have been marked. Photo: File/SunLive.

About 140,000 nervous students from across the country will be jumping online today to find out their NCEA results.

The New Zealand Qualifications has marked about 1.1 million personalised exam booklets and digital exams.

The marks will be made available on the NZQA website.

A statement by NZQA says in addition to checking their results, logging into the NZQA website will let students see how many Learning Recognition Credits they have earned, and whether they have been awarded Course Endorsements, a Certificate Endorsement or University Entrance.

The NZQA says it could not yet provide any analysis of the results, but schools would be able to see how their own students had performed and make comparisons to previous years.

The "learning recognition credits" are awarded to students to mitigate the disadvantage caused by the national and Auckland lockdowns.

Auckland students are eligible for one of the extra credits for every four regular credits they earned up to a maximum of 16 at level 1, and 12 at levels two and three.

Students in the rest of the country are eligible for one learning recognition credits for every five up to a maximum of 10 credits and level 1, and eight credits at levels two and three.

The credits would provide Auckland students with up to 20 per cent of the credits required for an NCEA certificate, and up to 13 per cent for students elsewhere.

The NZQA says students who had difficulty logging into its website should contact its call centre, 0800 697 296, which would be open until 8pm.

Additional resources have been put in place to help answer results related questions.

“NZQA has also extended its call centre opening hours until 8pm tomorrow, with extra staff ready to answer specific queries students may have about their NCEA results.”

The NZQA call centre can be contacted on 0800 697 296 or

Students will start to receive marked papers from late January, and afterwards they can apply for a review or reconsideration.

Results for New Zealand Scholarship exams are on track to be released in early February.

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