Remember road safety basics this long weekend

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As people travel over this long weekend, Police want to remind them of the basics of road safety so that everyone sharing our roads can arrive alive.

“Whether you are heading away for a holiday, sports competition, or a celebration with whanau, when you are out on the roads this long weekend, remember the road safety basics,” says National Road Policing Centre Director Superintendent Steve Greally.

Road safety basics and take extra care on the road this weekend – that’s the message from Police and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

“Wear your seatbelt, stay within the speed limit, drive to the conditions of the road, put your phone away, always make sure you are alert, and keep a safe following distance," says Superintendent Greally.

“We know people want to get the most out of a long weekend, however speeding and bad decision-making on the road can have devastating consequences.

"There will be traffic and there will be hold ups, so it’s important to stay calm and patient. How you act on the roads impacts everybody else around you," says Superintendent Greally.

"The important thing is to arrive at your destination alive.”

Other tips include making sure before you get behind the wheel that you are well rested, hydrated and have eaten.

"Plan your journey including where and when you will stop for a rest and food, and if you can share the driving."

Waka Kotahi has more tips on avoiding fatigue on their website.

“It’s also important to ensure your car is safe, roadworthy, and well equipped for your journey," says Superintendent Greally.

"Check your tyres - including the spare - lights, brakes and windscreen-wipers are all working, and check you have a clean windscreen inside and out.

“Let’s look after each other on the road,” says Superintendent Greally.

Police officers will continue to be visible on the roads throughout the long weekend, ensuring those who are travelling are driving safely.

Tips for safe driving this long weekend:

  •   •  Plan your journey - allow plenty of time and be aware of the road works you might travel through

  •   •  Wear your seatbelt – your life might depend on it

  •   •  Put your phone away – using your mobile phone puts you, your passengers and all road users around you at risk of harm

  •   •  Drive to the conditions - whether it’s the weather, congestion, the road you’re on, or time of day.

  •   •  Avoid fatigue – to stay alert take regular breaks, keep hydrated and eat well. Share the driving and stop for a 20 minute nap if needed.

  •   •  Keep a safe following distance – make sure you can stop safely

  •   •  Don’t speed – stay within the speed limit including at road works sites

  •   •  Don’t drink and drive – organise a sober driver to pick you up, or use public transport, a taxi or uber

  •   •  Be patient – wait for a passing lane to overtake. The consequences of driving impatiently are too high

  •   •  Check your car.

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