Fashion FWD exhibition is now virtual

Fashion FWD features designers from 14 different countries and the pieces can be seen through an online tour from anywhere in the world. Image: Otago Museum.

Otago Museum’s latest special exhibition, ‘Fashion FWD: Disruption through Design’, can now be visited from anywhere in the world.

“The virtual exhibition is a first for Otago Museum,” says Head of Exhibitions and Creative Services Craig Scott. “It means our global audience who are affected by the Covid travel restrictions can explore the exhibition in an immersive way.”

Fashion FWD features designers from 14 different countries, many of whom were planning to visit Dunedin to see their pieces in the exhibition.

The virtual tour was created by Dunedin’s Nudge Agency. They used a 360-degree camera to capture the exhibition space and then data points were added for each garment to display the information. Visitors can simply click on a link on the Otago Museum website and enter the virtual exhibition. They are able to move around the space, zoom in, and read labels.

“It is really impressive,” says Craig. “I am really pleased with the result, and glad we are able to share this exhibition with the world.”

‘Fashion FWD: Disruption through Design’ has been designed in-house with a swathe of local and international collaborators: selected iD Emerging Designer finalists since inception and from around the world; Dunedin’s top designers; and selected items from Otago Museum’s vast textile collection, fusing the lines between historical and current innovative narratives in fashion that is brazen, chic and defiant.

“The exhibition has been incredibly popular and so far, 24,000 people have visited the space,” says Otago Museum’s Marketing Manager, Kate Oktay.  “It is wonderful that we are able to increase accessibility in this way, and even more people will be able to enjoy these fabulous pieces.”

To see the exhibition click here



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