Cattle attempt stampede through Auckland border

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"Forty cattle stampeded from a paddock onto Mercer Ferry Road before Police staff managed to herd them onto Orams Road," says a Police spokesperson.

"The cattle soon realised the grass was not greener on the other side and started to head back to their own property facilitated by Police, Defence Force staff and the farmer at the property.

"Police decided to let the cattle off with a warning on this occasion."

Police also found themselves dealing with a rogue tornado that tossed road cones around on Friday night.

"Wild weather in Auckland last night saw a mini tornado on State Highway 1 knock over nearly every road cone," says a Police spokesperson.

"We want to acknowledge our officers and partners who are working in some pretty wet and windy conditions."

Since Alert Level 4 came into place, in Auckland 61 people have been charged with a total of 65 offences as at 5pm on Friday.

Of these, 51 were for Failing to Comply with Order (COVID-19), 11 for Failure to Comply with Direction/Prohibition/Restriction, one for Failing to Stop (Covid 19-related), and two for Assaults/Threatens/Hinders/Obstructs Enforcement Officer.

In the same time period, 141 people were formally warned for a range of offences.

To date, Police have received a total of 7,331 105-online breach notifications relating to businesses, mass gatherings or people in Auckland also known as Tāmaki Makaurau.

Around a third are in relation to businesses and 60 percent are in relation to mass gatherings.


The next available data for the checkpoints will be on Monday but Police can confirm the numbers remain low through the checkpoints and only a small number of vehicles are continuing to be turned around.

"This shows our community is overall following the rules and ensuring they have the correct documentation ready to show our staff on the checkpoints," says a Police spokesperson.

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