Greyhounds As Pets celebrates birthday

Jockey and Greyhound on the walk in Nelson last year. Supplied photos.

The charity that rehomes Greyhounds after racing is celebrating its milestone 15th birthday this weekend with a national walk for around 500 hounds, after it had to cancel its annual event in Auckland, due to Covid-19.

The charity is organising a walk for greyhounds and their owners who live anywhere in the country, starting at 10am, Sunday.

The Tauranga walk will start at Mount Drury, Mt Maunganui at 10am on Sunday September 19.

There will be hundreds of greyhounds out and about and it will be quite a sight as many will be in fancy dress, this year’s theme being blue. 

They will join thousands of others around the world, including 18 locations in New Zealand.

General manager of GAP Lucy Sandford-Reed says the charity had to change plans because of lockdown and didn’t want postpone: 

“Our walk is part of the Great Global Greyhound Walk, an event taking place from Europe to the Americas and Australasia, with thousands of hounds walking, running and playing in their neighbourhoods.  

“It’s perfect timing for us as it coincides with our birthday and it will be a great way to celebrate 15 years of finding hounds their loving forever homes.  The international event last year was cancelled because of Covid but is happening this year and we wanted to be part of the fun.

“The walk celebrates the greyhound as a wonderful pet and we’ve taken part in New Zealand since it started in 2010.  It’s always a big day for us with activities and competitions for owners, their families and of course the greyhounds,” she says.

Dressed up to celebrate and ready to go on the Great Global Greyhound Walk.

GAP aims to raise awareness about greyhounds as great pets who are affectionate, gentle and intelligent, and suit most households, even smaller homes. 

“We see ourselves as a canine dating agency matching owners and good homes, with hounds.

“When we started our target was to rehome 50 greyhounds a year and we’re now aiming for more than 400.  To date, 3200 hounds have been successfully rehomed and we’ve helped greyhounds to become a widely accepted and beloved pet,” she says.

GAP carefully assesses each greyhound, alongside making sure they are healthy, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and registered where needed.  

Greyhounds as Pets has a nationwide team and a large community following of owners and supporters who will be out and about this Sunday September 19 with their dogs, following Covid-19 rules when needed, including using a lease.   

So if you see lots of greyhounds dressed up this weekend in your local area, don’t be surprised.

Locations where the Great Global Greyhound Walk will take place can be found here.

Mouse and Voni dressed up and ready for the Great Global Greyhound Walk. Photo by Rachel Sloan.

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