NCEA support confirmed for Auckland students

Photo: RNZ.

The number of Learning Recognition Credits for senior secondary school students will be increased for Auckland students, Education Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed today.

This recognises the extended time these students will spend in Alert Levels 3 and 4.

“It means students in Auckland will have a fair opportunity to attain NCEA, despite the additional disruption they have experienced,” says Hipkins.

Auckland students will be entitled to 1 Learning Recognition Credit (LRC) for every 4 credits they achieve through assessment in the 2021 school year, rather than 1 LRC for every 5.

They will be eligible for up to 16 LRCs at NCEA Level 1, and 12 LRCs at levels 2 and 3, instead of the current caps for students who have spent 16 days or 20 days under Alert Levels 3 or 4.

The threshold for Auckland students to be awarded a Certificate Endorsement will also be adjusted to 44 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than 46 for students who were able to return to classroom learning sooner.

“These changes are a full reactivation of the support provided to Auckland in 2020, following their second lockdown,” says Hipkins.

“The disproportionate impact of disruption from Covid-19 on Auckland also means some students and their families may be apprehensive about returning to school, and it will take time for students to readjust to classroom learning.

“The opportunity to earn additional LRCs provides reassurance to students that their qualification and awards remain within reach.

“I would also like to thank schools, teachers and whānau in Auckland for the work they have done and continue to do to support students at this time,” says Hipkins.

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