Police continue appeal for missing Tauranga man

Anyone with any information as to Harley Shrimpton's whereabouts is asked to contact Police immediately on 105 and quote file number 231117/9085. Photo: Supplied.

Police continue to appeal to the public for help to find missing Tauranga man Harley Shrimpton.

Harley, aged 28, was reported missing by his family on Friday, November 17, but was last seen by family members in Tauranga around two weeks ago, and has been missing since November 3.

On Saturday, Harley's family contacted SunLive requesting help to get the word out to the public to ask for help with finding him.

Following this, Police also released a statement appealing for the community to help.

On Sunday Police reported that there had been no significant update on Harley's whereabouts or well-being.

"We have received a couple of reports from the public and are following up this information to see if it is of value," says a police spokesperson.

"The appeal to find Harley still stands."

Police say they received a missing person report in relation to Harley on Friday.

“We’re making initial enquiries and ask that anyone with information which may assist, contact us via 105 and quote file number 231117/9085."

Harley's family were made aware on Friday November 17 of him being taken by an individual into a car on the same day that he went missing over two weeks ago.

They had been searching for him over the last fortnight but weren’t aware until Friday of the circumstances around his disappearance and have now stepped up the search for him.

“It is very unusual for him to not be active on social media or to not be in contact with his mother or siblings,” says a family member.  

“It wasn’t until Friday [November 17] that a missing person’s report was made due to the rest of the family also having concerns for their own safety on hearing how he was taken.”

The family member says they have been told Harley was with a couple of his friends at McDonalds at Mount Maunganui on November 3. 

“The friends have said he was pulled out of their car and made to get into another car.

“We’ve been told he’s been taken or kidnapped by one person in a light blue hybrid car, with the possibility of there being more than one person in the vehicle he was taken in.

“No one has seen or heard of him since and he hasn’t been active on social media.”

The family say there was a younger person with the two friends who told them about what happened.

“They say he was taken into that car by a person or people.”

The family member says that it wasn’t until the missing person’s report had been made to Police  that they were finally told the incident at McDonalds happened at 1.30pm on November 3.

“We were hoping he would turn up in the meantime. We were already worried about him and now we’re extra worried about what’s happened.” 

The family members says Harley didn’t have a job at the time of his disappearance. 

“He does have gang connections but I’m not sure which gangs. He’s not working.” 

Harley’s family posted their concerns and a photo of him to social media channels asking for help to locate him. 

“There have been two phone calls to Harley’s mother saying he could be in the Poripori Lower Kaimai range area. So we’ve been searching there.” 

Harley was believed to be probably wearing dark clothing including long trousers, and a cap.  

“We spoke to the detective and he said this is high priority. 

“Because it’s only been 15 days we’re hoping there will be CCTV footage that can provide more information and car details as that’s usually kept for 30 days.” 

The family say if Harley is reading this to please contact them.

“We love and miss you and hope to hear from you soon,” says a family member.

Anyone with any information as to Harley's whereabouts is asked to contact Police immediately on 105 and quote file number 231117/9085.

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