How to Invent Everything

A really useful book to make the reader feel really useless.

Ryan has produced an ephemeral fly on the wall collection of inventions, ideas and theories whose time has long gone yet remain relevant today.

We journey on his literary time machine, into eras thousands of years old as man (and quite possibly members of the opposite number) came to terms at the glaringly obvious.

He allows us, the reader, a telling like it is overview of discovery – and useless information.

That the mosquito, apart from fodder for amphibians and avians, are the most useless of God’s creations.

We learn how ‘we’ invented the flywheel, the barometer, how we preserved foods, bread and beer making tips, the printing press (originally invented 33,000 BCE), spinning wheel (8000 BCE) and glass (700,000 BCE) and so on.

We learn to yacht, of human flight (strapping humans to giant kites, 500 BCE), of different styles of art (Primitive, Egyptian, Renaissance, post-impressionist and Cubist.

Really, this book has something for everyone with a curious mind. Ryan North says he didn’t write this guide. He found it. Is Ryan North really a person, or a pseudonym for a committee: What he (they) has (have) done, though, is wittily if not didactyly, plonked the reader amid all lists of inventions, looked that reader in the eye and said, “Cop that – see how easy it is?”

How to Invent Everything (rebuild of all civilization)  by Ryan North -  Pbk $00.00

Phil Campbell (Guest Reviewer).

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