45 candidates contesting Rotorua Lakes Council

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A total of 45 candidates are contesting this year’s Local Body Elections for Rotorua Lakes Council.

Nominations closed on Friday ahead of polling day on Saturday, October 12.

There are four candidates for the Rotorua Lakes mayoralty – Steve Chadwick, Dennis Curtis, Rob Kent and Reynold Macpherson.

The ten positions for Council At Large are being contested by 34 candidates.

The Rotorua Lakes Community Board has seven candidates vying for the four vacancies and six candidates have been nominated for the Rotorua Rural Community Board’s four vacancies.

Final Nominations for Rotorua Lakes Council 2019 Triennial Elections as at 3.53pm August 17 2019:


Chadwick, Stephanie (Steve) Anne

(1 Vacancy)

Curtis, Dennis


Kent, Rob (Independent)


Macpherson, Reynold (Residents and Ratepayers)

Council - At Large

Bentley, Peter

(10 Vacancies)

Carrington, Liz (Community Health and Wellbeing)


Collins, Richard (Think Positive for a positive future)


Coutts, Kevin


Davis, Brendan (Your voice on council)


Deverson, Alan (Independent)


Donaldson, Dave


Gould, Mark (Independent)


Gray, Ryan (Realising Our Potential)


Hedges, Bill (Independent)


Hosking, Trish (Independent)


Jones, Peter (Independent)


Kai Fong, Sandra


Kent, Rob (Independent)


Kerry (All the way with J.K), Julie (Independent)


Kumar, Raj (Residents And Ratepayers)


Macpherson, Reynold (Residents And Ratepayers)


Martin, Matthew (Matt) (Independent)


Maxwell, Trevor


McKenzie, Lachlan (Residents and Ratepayers Vote for Change)


Mutlow, Lance (Independent)


Nathan, Oscar


O'Brien, Conan (Residents And Ratepayers)


Rakei-Clark, John (Independent Residential Initiative)


Raukawa-Tait, Merepeka


Rowbotham, Linda (Bringing Communities Together)


Rupapera, Harina Rinaha (Conservation and Education)


Solomon, Alan Tane (Making a Difference)


Sparke, Kaya (Independent)


Tapsell, Tania (Independent)


Trumper, Shirley


Wang, Fisher (Independent)


Whare, Bam


Yates, Mercia

Rotorua Lakes Community Board

Chater, Nick

(4 Vacancies)

Engelen, Reina


Estcourt, Allan


Goodwin, Sandra (Independent)


Manuel, Robyn


Rothwell, Jennifer (Independent)


Thomass, Phill

Rotorua Rural Community Board

Clark, Rachel

(4 Vacancies)

Dorman, Janine


Heard, Bryce


Hollier, Ben


Thomson, Sarah (Independent)


Trumper, Shirley (Rural Rotorua First)

Rotorua Lakes enrolled voters can expect to receive their voting packs in the post from Friday, September 20. Voting packs also include information for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Lakes District Health Board.

Voting will close at midday Saturday, October 12 with progress results expected to be announced early afternoon.

Official results will be available by Thursday, October 17.

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