Warm muggy nights ahead

It’s starting to feel a lot more like spring this week in the Bay of Plenty with high temperatures during the day.

But this also means, temperatures will be warmer at night with some warm muggy nights ahead.

MetService meteorologist Andy Best says currently there is a little bit of a ridge of high pressure that is over the Bay of Plenty.

He says it will lead to quite nice weather for today, warming temperatures for tomorrow and Wednesday, but towards the end of the week it starts to deteriorate.

“For today we are looking at a high of around 16 or so degrees. Relatively light winds, north easterlies developing this afternoon.”

Overnight tonight we are looking at a low of around 11 degrees.

Looking forward for Tuesday, there will be a few cloudy periods but it will be generally fine.

“Temperatures are up on today to about 19 degrees and then an overnight low of about eight degrees.

“Now on Wednesday, it starts to get a bit more humid unfortunately. Although it is a relatively fine day, once again temperatures up around 19 degrees. The overnight minimum will be higher and feel more muggy, so it will be 12 degrees overnight Wednesday to Thursday morning.

“Looking towards Thursday, increasing amounts of cloud. There may be some patchy light rain or drizzle developing during the course of the day, particularly the end of the day, and northerlies will start to pick up a little.

“Thursday once again up there around 19 degrees, but feeling a little uncomfortable and muggy and an overnight low of 14.

“So you can see it’s a muggy night ahead for Thursday and Friday.”

Andy says for Friday we are expecting rain, patchy at first, northerly winds, a high of around 18 and an overnight low of around 12 degrees.

“Just a little further out on Saturday, that rain stays with us unfortunately, with a high of 18 and a muggy overnight low of 12.”

He says the weather is deteriorating as we get towards the weekend, but it is a good start to the week.

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