Until around Thursday, life may seen terribly quiet, even dull. Then quite suddenly, everything springs to life. Overdue information arrives, along with unexpected guests.


A surprise compliment touches you because it's phrased so beautifully and affections are sweetest through the weekend. Friends and neighbours rely on you for advice and loans. Be warned!


A celebration of sorts is indicated this week and it may turn into a surprise party of types. The emphasis is on originality - try new approaches and be a little bolder.


Local travel is highlighted, but prepare for detours through the weekend. Prepare too, for a few mechanical breakdowns. Some good financial news may be heard which should brighten your week.


Best friends now are of the opposite sex and from another generation. Think more about the future. New hobbies and recreational programmes should be considered as a means for expanding horizons - and meeting new faces.


This is a week of extremes. Friends are more than helpful, but neighbours and work mates can be difficult. Take it all in your stride. Results come easily, so do all those dreadful things you have been putting off.


Children may play an increasingly time consuming role now, and your romantic partner may seem preoccupied. Your best approach, ask very few questions and pamper your mate.


A sense of humour is a must this week. No matter how tied down you feel, keep smiling - then around Friday, you'll find you really do have something to be happy about.


It's the beginning of a happy cycle, with love and laughter crisping the air. Of course, nothing is ever perfection and this time there may be doubts over a friend's loyalty.


A bonus for hard work, an exciting romantic challenge and a new friend make this one of the most enjoyable weeks of the year. It's an excellent time to express your deepest feelings.


A romantic relationship changes from intense to carefree in nature. Meanwhile, prepare for delays in communication and a possible work conflict. Financial acuity is demanded throughout the week.


Forgetful moments are sprinkled through this week, prompting a joke or two at your expense. Life gets generally complicated, which isn't to say there are problems - simply a little confusion and lots of explanations.

Your birthday this week

You aim high and will go completely out of your way to avoid any kind of unpleasantness. Your taste is impeccable. Your biggest problem is that you rearrange priorities for your own convenience.