Omicron: PM to give post-Cabinet update

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is giving a post-Cabinet update on New Zealand’s response to the Omicron update of Covid-19. The update comes after... Read More

Covid-19: 24 community, 47 border, 8 in hospital

The Ministry of Health is reporting 24 new community cases, 47 new cases identified at the border and eight people are in hospital. More than 40,000... Read More

LIVE: All NZ to move to red setting tonight

The whole of NZ will move into the red setting of the traffic light system at 11.59pm on Sunday night, the prime minister confirms. Watch LIVE as Prime... Read More

PM to hold urgent Omicron press conference at 11am

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will hold an urgent press conference on Omicron at 11am on Sunday. The... Read More

Covid-19: Time to buddy up for Omicron outbreak

A buddy system and how to properly isolate at home are part of a major Government campaign to prepare people for a community outbreak of the highly transmissible... Read More

Extreme risk health warning for a Waikato lake

The Public Health warning issued on December 30 2021 for Lake Ngāroto, has now been escalated to extreme risk. The public are advised not to use the... Read More

Samoa to go into 48-hour lockdown

Samoa will go into lockdown for 48 hours from 6pm on Saturday after 15 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were detected at the border from an Australian charter... Read More

Covid-19: 41 MIQ, 43 community, 8 in hospital

The Ministry of Health is reporting 43 new community cases on Saturday, and 41 new cases identified at the border. Of the 43 new community cases, 19... Read More

MIQ: family beg for help to save daughter‘s arm

Abigail Peden lies on a couch in Papua New Guinea moaning with pain as her father tries hard to keep it together. But all Dan Peden has been able to... Read More

Increase in bites and rashes as weather heats up

Warmer sea temperatures and a changing climate could be what is causing more ocean-borne bites, stings and rashes, a marine scientist says. Ocean swimmers... Read More

People urged to upgrade facemasks as Omicron looms

Some face masks could be worse than nothing if they lull people into a false sense of security, experts say. With Omicron knocking at New Zealand’s... Read More

Covid-19: 43 MIQ, 25 community, 22 in hospital

The Ministry of Health are reporting that there are 25 new community cases of Covid-19, 43 new cases identified at the border, 22 people are in hospital... Read More

MIQ worker tests positive for Omicron

Auckland health officials are working quickly to stop Omicron breaking out into the community following an MIQ worker testing positive for the variant. The... Read More

Covid-19 cross sector response in Lakes community

With an increasing number of Covid cases in the community, Lakes DHB is urging the general public to get vaccinated and to follow the Covid-19 health... Read More

Covid-19: Locations of interest added on Saturday

Several locations in Rotorua, Turangi, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui linked to the Delta outbreak have been added to the Ministry of Health’s locations... Read More