NZ underspending on cyber security

NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says it was great to see an increase in spending on cyber security in the Budget but more is needed as the economy... Read More

Safety camera trial to detect unsafe mobile phone

New Zealand’s first ever trial of using safety cameras to better understand the scale of distracted driving gets underway this week. The six-month... Read More

Tech sector boost to benefit all Kiwis - NZTech

NZTech is backing the $20 million investment the government is committing toward accelerating tech sector growth. This will benefit all Kiwis as these... Read More

Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert system

Later this month, there will be a phone alert you can’t ignore – but don’t worry, it’s just a test. This year’s nationwide... Read More

No love lost on online dating scams

Millions of dollars a year are being swiped by scammers taking advantage of those looking for love online, says Auckland City District Financial Crime... Read More

Airport fog delays to be helped by Government

The headache of having flights delayed due to heavy fog hanging around New Zealand airports may be finally resolved. A government partnership with New... Read More

New pests and diseases reporting tool

Biosecurity New Zealand has released a new web tool so people can report suspected exotic pests and diseases online. “Alerts from the public about... Read More

Experience outer space while keeping on your feet

Many people dream of going to outer space, but it will be a while before the average person can afford this experience. As an alternative, young entrepreneur... Read More

GCSB: rise in cyber threat incidents in 2021

The GCSB is urging New Zealand's critical businesses to stay alert in the face of increasing cyber threats, which can put nationally significant... Read More

VR tools gave Kiwi athletes competitive edge

New Zealand Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic athletes were given a performance advantage using virtual reality tools created by a team at the University... Read More

Starve the trolls? How brands can tackle trolling

Social media platforms should hide the viewing metrics on malicious content posted by trolls as part of a more proactive approach to curbing their behaviour,... Read More

Cyber crime: businesses warned not to fall prey

Cyber crime is on the rise and small-to-medium sized companies with an online presence are just as at risk as large, multinational corporations and Goverment... Read More

NZ laboratories fighting to control Omicron

The past two weeks have seen the most difficult and demanding phase of the two years of the Covid pandemic for New Zealand’s diagnostic laboratory... Read More

Women in Space on mission to reach for the stars

Does your future lie in the stars? If you’re working in the space sector in New Zealand or someone who wants to, there’s a network of Kiwi... Read More

Claim bionic pacemaker reverses heart failure

Kiwi scientist believe they have found a way to reverse heart failure with a revolutionary new type of pacemaker. A revolutionary pacemaker that re-establishes... Read More