Warm weather for the weekend

As a ridge of high pressure settles in for the weekend, MetService forecasts warm and fine weather for much of the country. The weather is forecast... Read More

Drought risk increasing as weather gets hotter

The big dry over northern and eastern parts of New Zealand is getting even drier - and hotter. “Airflows out of Australia and the sub-tropics,... Read More

Big Dry over northern NZ increasing

Back in September 2019 WeatherWatch.co.nz alluded to northern NZ catching Australia's dry - now even more dry weather is forecast. THE STATE OF... Read More

Fog in capital causes more disruption of flights

Fog blanketing Wellington Airport and disrupting almost all flights may not clear until mid-morning. The fog rolled into the city yesterday afternoon,... Read More

Cyclone Tino affecting Fiji today, NZ next week

Tropical Cyclone Tino is approaching Fiji today, Tonga on Saturday and by early next week the storm will be an ex-cyclone near New Zealand. In fact... Read More

Cool southeasterlies keep cloud in the east

MetService is forecasting cool southeasterlies over the next few days, keeping cloud in the east, while other areas will be fine. Sunday sees warm temperatures... Read More

Some rain for the bushfires and drought regions

Rain clouds are building around the Australian bushfires and drought zones for Thursday, Friday and possibly the weekend too. As high pressure dominates... Read More

Police urge trampers to be wary of weather

Police would like to remind trampers and walkers to plan ahead and check the weather forecast before heading off into the great outdoors. Around 1.30pm... Read More

Sizeable cyclone may well brush NZ

The tropics are becoming very active north of NZ, with WeatherWatch.co.nz saying conditions are ideal for Tropical Cyclone formation this coming week. As... Read More

Chance of showers in the BOP today

A front lies over Central New Zealand first thing today then slowly moves northwards during the day. WeatherWatch.co.nz says there is a chance for some... Read More

Drier, calmer, warmer weather heading to NZ

NZ is about to enter a calmer, drier, phase of weather as high pressure finally increases. At the same time, the tropics north of NZ is starting to... Read More

Showers expected to hit the BOP this afternoon

An anticyclone is lying to the west of New Zealand today. The forecast is for a light southwesterly airflow flowing over the country. In the North... Read More

Largest lows on earth to thank for windy week

A windier, cooler, week is on the way for many regions - so what is to blame? One of the largest areas of low pressure on earth right now. The Southern... Read More

Australian bush fires prompting police calls in NZ

Another unprecedented plume of smoke from Australia crossed New Zealand overnight, this time Auckland and the upper half of the North Island, where about... Read More

Friday and Friday night looking chilly

Most New Zealanders have noticed a temperature drop this week and another is coming on Friday, possibly colder for some places. Friday's cold change... Read More