Winter is ‘spluttering’ in New Zealand

New Zealand may have already reached peak winter - and we're only at the halway mark. "We're now in the second week of July and in a couple... Read More

Heavy rain to hit the region

A large anticyclone west of New Zealand is pushing a southwesterly airflow over the South Island today, while a subtropical disturbance/low is forecast... Read More

Heavy rain, strong winds and possible snow

People in the North Island are being warned to brace themselves for heavy rain, strong winds and possible snow. The MetService has issued a heavy rain... Read More

Trough clears away as a ridge builds from the west

Towards the end of last week, the broad ridge of high pressure which brought cold nights and frosts over much of Aotearoa began moving eastwards on Thursday. “A... Read More

Frosty start to the day in the BOP

    Temperatures of -1 have been recorded in Tauranga this morning. A SunLive reader on her way to work this morning says her car was reading... Read More

Nationwide cool down coming

Friday is warmer than normal in just about every part of the country and while Saturday won't be as warm for some places, it's still expected... Read More

Rain & wind could to affect road conditions

Motorists travelling around the Bay of Plenty region are being warned to expect changeable weather conditions. Bay of Plenty Systems Manager Rob Campbell... Read More

Rain to farewell last day of Autumn

Lightning lit up the early morning sky for people heading to work around 6.30am in the Bay of Plenty this morning. Rain  is forecast to develop... Read More

Drive wisely in wild weather - AA warns

With winter finally predicted to hit this Queen’s Birthday weekend, the AA is warning drivers to be patient and vigilant on the roads. “Check... Read More

Thunderstorms possible for Rotorua today

  Showers in Rotorua this afternoon could turn into thunderstorms, warns the MetService.   A severe weather watch has been issued for the... Read More

Stormy start likely for the first day of winter

The weather pattern takes a dramatic turn next week as high pressure clears away and large windy lows move in. The first day of winter on the meteorological... Read More

Even warmer than average days coming up for many

An enormous belt of high pressure continues to influence New Zealand's weather, says "By Friday and Saturday, this high... Read More

Warmer than average days, cooler nights

When it's warmer than average that doesn't mean it feels warm, but it means the temperatures are higher than they should be. That's what... Read More

Road open after downed tree blocked access

Rotorua Lakes Council’s contracting crews are completing the final stages of clean up along Hamurana Road after a large tree blocked vehicle access.... Read More

The hues and moods of autumn

  “How beautifully leaves grow old!” wrote John Burroughs, the American naturalist and essayist. “How full of light and colour... Read More