Book Review The Inner Life of Animals

Want to know why male bears kill cubs? Or have you heard of the humpback whale which expressed gratitude on release from netting? Whether they are better... Read More

The Holocaust

This is just not a reworking of the Holocaust. If it is possible to humanise the Nazis progroms Kristallnacht portended in 1938, Rees has managed it. It... Read More

How We Invented Freedom

How We Invented Freedom and Why it Matters, by Daniel Hannan. Published by Had of Zeus. 400 pages. Boris Johnson, Mayor London, says Hannan bestrides... Read More

Alan Turing

Fall of Man from Wilmslow, by David Lagercrantz. Published by MacLehose. Translated by the Swedish language by George Goulding. Pages 366. Mathematical... Read More

Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester has a justifiably popular following on esoteric subject matter. His latest book, The Men who United the States, is a play on the men... Read More

Hanns and Rudolf

Rudolf Hoss was the kommandant at Auschwitz, the byword of the World War ll Holocaust, the concentration camp of the deaths of 1.3 million people, 90 per... Read More

Bullshit Jobs, a Theory

Tossing us a title which acceptable in common usage but still can shock when in print might count against a book of this nature. For its contents are... Read More

12 Rules For Life

This is another prescient, perceptive slice of aspects of life everyone should know, how all forms of life struggle for dominance. We’re told by... Read More

Shoot For The Moon

This book’s subtitle ‘Achieve the impossible with the Apollo Mindset’ is its substance. Apart from finally convincing flat earthers... Read More

The Square and the Tower

The importance of networking since time immemorial is the central theme of Niall Ferguson’s latest work. The great British historian asks whether... Read More

Member of The Family (Manson, murder and me)

The murderous, penetrative stare. His hair brushed as if with boxthorn. His beard falls to resemble the wisps of an Ibis. These are images of a monster.... Read More

Roots, Radicals and Rockers

Skiffle is generally assumed the genesis of rock n roll in England. This is another prescient, perceptive slice of aspects of life everyone should know,... Read More

How to Invent Everything

A really useful book to make the reader feel really useless. Ryan has produced an ephemeral fly on the wall collection of inventions, ideas and theories... Read More

Origin Story (a Big History of Everything)

  With some solemnity, we’re told life is built from billions of intricate molecular nanomachines. Once you get your noodle around this, David... Read More

12 Rules For Life (an antidote to chaos)

Jordan B Peterson reminds this reviewer of the modern-day Greek philosopher who observed a thrush dropping a snail from a great height to the ground to... Read More