Weed removed from Lake Okataina

The weed cordon that excluded boats from the Motuwhetero arm of Lake Ōkataina last week has been removed. Two weed cordons were originally erected... Read More

Rotorua summit tackling climate change

Today is the last day for the Taiohi-Taiao Youth Jam – a three day event in Rotorua aimed at tackling issues of climate change this year. Run... Read More

Trapping programme a raging success at TRENZ

Rotorua Canopy Tours in conjunction with the Tourism Industry Association and the Department of Conservation, have successfully dispatched 123 rats,... Read More

Creating a sustainable forestry sector in Rotorua

The Wellbeing Budget will enable further transformation of New Zealand’s forestry sector after the successful rollout of the Government’s... Read More

Planting the seed of sustainability at TRENZ

Delegates at TRENZ 2019 are leaving a legacy of over 600 native trees to benefit the New Zealand environment, as the result of a partnership with Trees... Read More

Wintertime air quality issue in Rotorua

Rotorua has a wintertime air quality issue caused by smoke from home heating fires. “The smoke affects the health of our community, especially... Read More

TRENZ: Recycle, reduce, reuse & rats

From trapping rats and possums to delegate bags made from recyclable and washable paper and donating left-over food to local charities, this year’s... Read More

A village walk on stream

The one feature about walks north of Rotorua is that they are peaceful, yet not far from continual bustle. A track from Rotorua’s Lake Road to... Read More

Arts initiatives receive more than $27,000 funding

Following the latest Rotorua Creative Communities Scheme funding round, a total of $27,400 was awarded to 23 arts projects across the Rotorua district. Creative... Read More

Stormy path to a rewarding walk

Last April, torrential rains caught the hamlet of Ngongotaha by surprise. A cascade of biblical levels rushed down two streams through Ngongotaha and... Read More

Change of climate among students

  As if on cue, the heavens gushed as some 170 students, parents and caregivers converged on the Village Green for a climate change protest in... Read More

Students march for climate change

Students from three major Rotorua schools will assemble at the Village Green today to march for climate change awareness. Rotorua Lakes councillors,... Read More

A cluster of quakes hit the Bay of Plenty

A cluster of earthquakes have been detected in the Bay of Plenty region this morning. GeoNet have reported on their website and social media, that... Read More

Environment on lake edge

A concern sewage may enter Lake Rotorua through traditional Maori land is creating anxiety for a descendent camping on the land. Dave Barry, who returned... Read More

Exotic insect discovered in NZ for the first time

Biosecurity New Zealand’s Gypsy Moth surveillance programme has uncovered a larva of the poplar sawfly, an insect that is new to New Zealand. The... Read More