Head on a pest hunt this summer

University of Canterbury researchers and partners are using digital technology to help every New Zealander join the fight against invasive pests. Find-A-Pest... Read More

$1.2M to boost NZ's resilience to natural hazards

Toka Tū Ake EQC (Earthquake Commission) has awarded 14 research teams a total of more than $1.2 million in this year's Biennial Grants round. These research... Read More

Fish & Game backs action on Waikato wake boats

Fish & Game New Zealand is welcoming restrictions on wake boats in the Waikato region to prevent the spread of the invasive gold clam. Biosecurity New Zealand... Read More

Prickly search tests SAR skills

What do you get when you combine three fisherman and a dummy - no it's not a joke, but rather the premise for an annual Search and Rescue Exercise. Around... Read More

3D printer aims to save endangered fish

NIWA is using a 3D printer to help save New Zealand's endangered native fish. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research has developed a... Read More

Sustainable future: Sheep dags and coffee grounds

It took a lightbulb moment for Sustaina Grow's Rita Hammond to expand her own sustainable gardening practices into an environmentally sustainable business. Schoolteacher... Read More

Stream discharge: BOP dairy farm fined

A Rotorua dairy farm has been convicted and fined $40,000 for an illegal dairy effluent discharge from a travelling irrigator. Chlorofield Limited pleaded guilty... Read More

Where has all the tinned fruit & veg gone?

Supermarket stocks of tinned plums, apples and corn are running low, and it could be a while before supplies bounce back, supermarkets say. Shelves are usually... Read More

Plenty of geothermal activity in Kawerau

Kawerau District Council has received several noise complaints this week related to a geothermal operation happening in the district. Two separate geothermal... Read More

Lithium-ion batteries warning

At least one home insurance claim is lodged per month for fire damage caused by lithium-ion batteries and their charging systems, new AMI data shows. This... Read More

Wallabies sighted in the Waikato

Waikato Regional Council has been notified of possible wallaby sightings in Leamington near Cambridge, and near Kinloch on the W2K Trail. 'These sightings... Read More

Weather patterns: Farmers urged to prepapre

Whether you live in the North or the South Island, MetService forecasters share that based on current El Niño data, we're all in for a different kind... Read More