Tauranga student through to final six of Popstars

Skye Hine. Supplied photo.

Tauranga girl Skye Hine has made it through to the final six on TVNZ 2’s Popstars.

The 16-year-old Mount Maunganui College student is in the running to win a potential $100,000 as well as the chance to produce and release her own single.

The competition began in April when 12 contestants, including Skye, were selected from hundreds of hopefuls.

Skye’s singing has been impressing the panel since the start of the competition with Kimbra immediately seeing Skye’s potential.

"I knew I saw something in you, it’s just incredible to watch you transform as you sing," says Kimbra

Skye, from a “tight knit family” in Welcome Bay, is staying calm and letting it all sink in.

"I feel very content and calm, actually. I did not see this coming at all... I mean, I didn't even think I'd make it through callbacks. I'm just glad that I pushed through all of my self-doubt and anxiety. I'm only patting myself on the shoulder right now."

Skye already has an impressive music resume. Drawing inspiration from artists like Greentea Peng, Benee and Fleetwood Mac, the Tauranga local has been around music her whole life.

She entered her first talent quest in Rotorua at just eight years old, and performed in Auckland’s Christmas in the Park when she was 14.

She entered Popstars because music and performing is her "greatest love".

Skye describes her singing style as "a bit of a genre blender, but I'd put myself in an alternative category. Most likely alt-pop...I usually like to go baggy and comfortable. streetwear vibes".

Skye plays "a bit of piano and guitar" and has had no formal singing lessons.

"I decided to always focus on my voice and rely on production. Not a good choice - learn an instrument."

She already has a song on Spotify, titled ‘Feel Your Love’, with another student from her school, which is a heartbreak influenced pop tune that showcases her soft vocals.

She is a big fan of American singer songwriter, Upsahl.

"Upsahl is the reason I developed my sound as an artist. Her music is crazy. She also produces her own songs which is crazy talent."

Her dream collab would be with Benee.

"She’s super young and also a New Zealander. To think that as a teenager, she was able to break out into the world and create a name for herself beyond a small country is pretty admirable," says Skye.

"She's incredible and I feel like we'd come up with a banger of a song."

If Skye does win the money, she would use it to help further her career in the music industry, but she also wants to use her platform to do some good in her community.

"I would use the money to build my career. I could invest in a home-studio, set myself up for my future etc," says Skye.

"Obviously when you run into a large sum of money, you have to be stupid with a little bit of it. I might add to my Jordan 1 collection, ya know? But also I'd love to donate money to non-profit organisations that aim for social justice."

The tension will mount as upcoming episodes of the show will continue eliminating contestants, but Skye is remaining cool about the competition.

"I don't get debilitatingly nervous... I usually just monitor my breathing and remind myself that I'm good at what I do."

Popstars airs Mon-Weds, 7.30pm, TVNZ 2.

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