Autumn’s weather pattern about to surge over NZ

Thunderstorms are on the cards for some areas of the North Island.

Thunderstorms, downpours, windy westerlies and long dry spells too - that's the basic forecast for NZ over the coming week. says this is the forecast for large parts of Australia also as the classic Autumn weather pattern arrives.

"At least three high pressure zones look to affect NZ over the coming several days bringing warm and cool surges, and some cold fronts in the mix too," says a spokesperson for the weather organisation.

"With more high pressure north of NZ it stops tropical storms from forming for a while - but we do still expect more energy from the tropics this month.

"For now though, many in the north and east of the North Island will be loving the drier rather than wetter phase we're in at the moment. We have your forecast through to Monday."

Check out the latest forecast above.

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