Classic early autumn weather for NZ

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Westerlies for lower New Zealand will give way to a cold change by early next week, especially Tuesday.

This is according to the latest forecast from

"It's part of the encroaching autumn weather pattern which will see more westerlies and more southerly changes over the weeks and months ahead - as we head towards winter," says a statement from the weather organisation.

"Generally, many parts of NZ lean drier than average for the next week ahead with the bulk of the rain in Westland and Fiordland.

"Some of this wet weather also connects with eastern Australia, mainly around Sydney and coastal NSW.

"There's a good mix of highs and lows over the rest of March for NZ and Australia.

"The tropics are fairly quiet with one main area of low pressure expected next week to the south of Tonga - but nothing too serious at this stage and mostly out at sea."

Watch the latest forecast above.

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