Covid-19: 11,258 new cases, 76 further deaths

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There have been 11,258 new cases of Covid-19 reported in New Zealand over the past week and 76 further deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

Of the new cases, 4712 were reinfections.

There were also 211 people with Covid-19 in hospital as of midnight Sunday, with seven cases in ICU. This was up from 200 in hospital the same time last week.

The seven-day rolling average of cases was 1605, up slightly from 1593 reported this time last week.

Last week 11,544 new cases were reported and 12 further deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Three years on from the country's first lockdown, former director-general of health Sir Ashley Bloomfield says New Zealand had stayed below predicted death rates, which was" virtually unique around the world".

A Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealand's pandemic response is due to be completed in June 2024.


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