SPCA’s urgent call for fosterers

SPCA’s Cristin Sim with ‘Evie’ the pup. John Borren.

SPCA is in urgent need of summer fosterers, with 103 animals in the centre’s care – and that number set to double in the next two months.

“We currently have 103 animals and kitten season isn’t really in full swing yet,” says manager Andrea Crompton, who expects double this number by January.

This prediction coupled with adoptions currently “slower than usual” means more fosterers can ease the pressure of the centre, says Andrea

“Summer is a big season for cats and kittens; we need a lot of fosterers to take care of our queens and kittens.

"[Plus] Puppies and dogs come along year-round.”

Andreas says the centre currently has 34 fosters on their books, but would like another 30 for the summer.

“But the more the merrier!

“We give great care here at the shelter, but the great thing about fostering is they [the animals] get exposed to new experiences and socialisation which is very important.

“SPCA supplies everything our fosterers need including food, toys and bedding and litter. Also – you don’t need people to be at home all day every day, which is a common misconception.”

She says someone working full-time can absolutely still be a foster.

“You can go on with your daily life. It’s more providing them with a safe, secure environment – so you don’t have to be there all the time. It’s just a place for them to call home for a while really.”

The commitment is on average four weeks – but Andrea says fosterers can still take a break amid the festive period.

“What I want to stress to potential fosterers is to please not let that be a road-block to fostering for us. Animals can always come back to the shelter if our fosterers need a break.”

Andrea says being a fosterer is very rewarding.

“You get to do all the nice part, which is the loving and the cuddling and all that sort of stuff without that financial burden or commitment for life.”

If interested in fostering, or have any questions, call SPCA Tauranga 07 5780245.

“We have a foster coordinator, so if people have a question – there’s no such thing as a silly question – or want to talk to previous or current fosterers, our coordinator can help with this.

“The more animals we have out at foster homes, the more we can bring in and take care of.”

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