Coalition: Who will be second in charge?

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New Zealanders will today learn what the National, ACT and New Zealand First government will look like and which policies it will introduce.

The coalition deal is expected to be released publicly before noon.

Talks between the three parties finished on Thursday and their respective boards were due to give the proposed deal the final sign-off on Thursday night.

On Friday morning the full details of the agreement will be released and the parties will sign it during a formal ceremony at Parliament.

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says there's "massive alignment" from the three parties around their goals.

"You'll be able to see exactly what we've delivered, and I think you'll see it's incredibly comprehensive, but importantly, also it gives us a really defined work programme for the next three years, so there's a lot of specificity there. That's very deliberate so that we all are aligned in what we're shooting for and what we're trying to achieve.

"I have to say over the process it's been a really good process, because inevitably you can talk transactionally about the tasks and the policies and the ideas but you actually get a sense of where each individual's coming from and what's motivating them and what's important to them.

"We've actually got to know each other very well as the three leaders which I think is a very important part of the process."

The three-way coalition is "historic", he says, and getting it right is the reason they spent so much time on it.

The full ministerial line-up will also be revealed later today, including who is the deputy prime minister.

As of last night, ACT and New Zealand First were not yet fully aware of which ministerial portfolios the other party had secured.

Luxon says the minor parties knew about each other's ministerial responsibilities "in the macro".

"They have a sense of that."

The three parties expect to move into the Beehive over the weekend, with a swearing-in on Monday.

Luxon expected Parliament to resume on December 5.


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