12 Rules For Life (an antidote to chaos)

Jordan B Peterson reminds this reviewer of the modern-day Greek philosopher who observed a thrush dropping a snail from a great height to the ground to smash its shell for a delicate meal. The thrush tried again and again.

The philosopher marvelled, “what on earth is the snail making of this’. The snail was more likely terrified than bemused.

But the point leads us to 12 Rules For Life. Peterson looks under and through every rock and scab, finding answers to the riddle of life and therefore its meaning.

There are rules to stand up straight; rules against making your children dislike you; telling the truth or at least don’t lie (this book isn’t destined for huge sales among the USA’s Re-trump-licans by the way); precision in speech and ensuring your house is in order before criticising others.

Peterson is a high-powered writer. He can does get away with explaining how Superman started leaping over buildings, stopped asteroids landing on Earth, formed an alliance with invented superheroes and became ornery again. Phantasmagoric this may seem to some, but it is compelling nonetheless.

-Phil Campbell (Guest Reviewer)

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