Oversized signs to be adjusted

Sign on Old Taupo Road exceeds hoarding bylaws.

A hoarding advertising a Rotorua political bloc is considered too big and is to be adjusted to comply with local bylaws regarding sizes.

The Rotorua Residents and Ratepayers’ organisation has been told to remove the sign near a busy intersection on Old Taupo and Lake roads.

"Rotorua’s Election Officials ruled that the election sign had to be taken down because it exceeded the maximum permitted area of three metres squared,” the group’s secretary Reynold Macpherson told Rotorua Now.

The group claims it had been wrongly advised.

Its provider had advised it such billboards are used commonly around New Zealand.

“The size restriction, however, is a local decision and applies to all election signs in the district,” Reynold says.

The group has “repurposed” the sign, ensuring that it fits within the Resource Consent issued for the site.

“Size no longer comes into consideration.” A replacement sign will be installed “in a few days” for the October 12 local body elections.

Meanwhile, an erroneous phone number, that of council candidate Peter Jones, will be “deleted progressively as we service them”.

Peter says his hoarding on the corner of Lake Okareka and Blue Lake Road has been the subject of complaint. It’s to be removed, Peter says.

“I have been given plenty of grace, so no problems in my camp,” he says.

Meanwhile, a council spokeswoman says that generally around two days are allowed for the signs to be removed or adjusted, after which the council will remove the signs. Enforcement costs will apply.

Henry Weston, the council’s operations group manager, says the Election Sign Guidelines provide certainty for all candidates that “there is a consistent set of rules for the display of election signs and also ensures public safety.

“As the sign in question is in breach of these guidelines due to its size, it has been requested that it be removed along with any other signs that are the same size.

“The Election Sign Guidelines state signs must not exceed 3m2.”

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