More frosty weather as temperatures plummet

Winter conditions have set in across the country. Photo: SunLive.

The start of July has been a true reminder that we are in the middle of winter, and MetService forecasts that the chilly weather is set to continue.

Calm and frosty conditions will dominate well into next week, punctuated by brief showers as a weather system sweeps up the country Friday and Saturday.

Much of New Zealand awoke to biting temperatures on Thursday morning, with Mount Cook Airport recording its coldest temperature of the year so far at -7.1°C.

This trend looks set to continue into Friday, with temperatures expected to dip below zero in many parts of both the North and South Islands. Taumarunui, Christchurch, and Wānaka alike could start the day at -3°C.

“Although sunny skies will bring some warmth during the day, the chilly southwesterly wind means daytime temperatures will remain noticeably cool, even in normally temperate places like Northland,” MetService meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane says.

As Friday comes to a close, a fast-moving front will arrive over the far south of the South Island, bringing a brief bout of showers as it sweeps northwards across the country into Saturday.

By Sunday, only a few showers remain for the upper North Island and the Deep South, accompanied by strong westerly winds which could be something to watch.

The new week will see Aotearoa New Zealand come under the influence of a ridge of high pressure that is expected to stick around for a few days.

“This means mostly settled and bright weather ahead, great timing for school holidays! However, the possibility of low cloud or fog settling into inland valleys, which may linger for a little while, should not be discounted.”  

Image: MetService.

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